Please read this before using my content in UTAU. Thank you so much!

Voicebank TOS


  • When publishing any work with the voicebanks, please state the name of the voicebank and give credit to the author, writing their names as exactly as it's written.


  • You do not need permission to use the voicebanks.
  • The following types of content are unconditionally prohibited:
    • Criminal or illegal content
    • Explicit underage sexual content
    • Bigotry and hateful content


  • Please contact the author if you wish to use the voicebanks commercially.
  • The voicebanks are free to use in doujin content.


  • You cannot edit the voicebank's audio files without special permission.
  • You are free to edit any configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files. However, you cannot distribute the edited files without my permission.


  • Before a voicebank is discontinued, you cannot redistribute it.
  • After this voicebank is discontinued, you can redistribute it in private - do not proide download links to the redistributed voicebanks to the public.
  • You are free to share rendered singing vocals created with a voicebank.

Failure to adhere to the voicebank TOS will result in all voicebanks taken down for an indefinite period of time.



  • When using the USTs, please give credit to the author (iosion), writing the name as exactly as it's written.


  • You do not need permission to use the USTs.
  • You are free to edit the USTs however you like.
    • If you leave the tuning in the UST as it is, please credit me (as "iosion") for the UST's tuning.
  • Conversion to other formats is okay.
  • The following actions are unconditionally prohibited:
    • Claiming the USTs as your own work
    • Distributing edited/converted USTs without my permission

Failure to adhere to the UST TOS will result in all USTs taken down for an indefinite period of time.


  • Redistribution of my USTs is prohibited.


Q: Can I draw fanart of your UTAU/make covers with your UTAU?

Yes, yes you can. In fact, I encourage it! You tag can your works with the UTAUs' name. I search up work with my UTAUs frequently, but you're more than welcome to tag me in them. :D Honestly you don't need permission from me to do those sorts of things HAHA

Q: Will your UTAUs get new voicebank updates?

For Maria and Mario, they won't be getting any new major voicebank updates soon since their multiexpression voicebanks are a three-appends-in-one kind of archetype. I am also busy at the moment, and I can't really see myself record major updates as of now. But, fun fact: I recorded their multiexpression voicebanks in the event that I would get busy to the point where I barely have time to record new voicebanks.

For future voicebanks that are of the standalone/appends archetype, expect me to release them on the occasion.

Meteo, on the other hand, will still receive updates and appends occasionally. I have various voicebanks planned to record for them, but I don't really know when that'll happen.

Regardless, please be on the lookout for new voicebanks in the future!

Q: I found out that the link to [insert name here] voicebank/UST does not work. Why is that?

There are a couple of reasons why this happens:

  • It's a broken link I was supposed to fix but never got to it
  • The voicebank/UST is now inactive; please don't ask me to give you the voicebank
  • The voicebank/UST isn't up just yet; just wait patiently

Don't forget to contact me if you happen to stumble on a broken link.

Q: I found an issue with [insert name here] voicebank/UST. What do I do?

Depending on what problem you encountered with the voicebank, such as an oto.ini problem or an error in the .frq files, please contact me via my Twitter account (@iosion_) since I'm more active over there. I will try to fix the issue as soon as I can.