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Hi! The name's iosion and I'm the webmaster of this site. Actually, I'm someone who cries over gacha games like a fool and spends all day staring at their computer doing whatever. Just call me io because I Like That Name. :)

Currently I'm a university student studying in Applied Computer Sciences, staying at home for online classes and shit. In my free time, I like using UTAU (vocal synthesis program, too lazy to explain), drawing OCs, and hyperfixating on OC/OC or OC/canon ships. I also have a love-hate relationship with HTML. I consider myself to be someone who's pleasant to be around with for the most part, but I am cautious towards everyone because I have no clue if they're a bigot/creep. I trust that you don't belong to that category AHAHAHAHA

I went through many rebrandings since 2014, mainly because Man. My older usernames were so cringey (I was known as azariosc back then). A lot of people know me for voicing UTAUs Maria and Mario Fuwa, and I guess that's about it. I'm writing a couple of web novels that are still in development, and maybe I'll post some literary work here! Not a lot of people know that I like writing... I need to practice my writing shit more

Uh I also take time to discover who I am because wow I am improving myself by a lot!


Video Games: Fate/Grand Order, Minecraft, Arknights, Genshin Impact, Punishing: Gray Raven, Phantasy Star Online 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Elsword, Touhou Project, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Sims 4

Movies: Studio Ghibli movies, Promare

Anime: Re:Zero, Demon Slayer, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Cyborg 009, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (mostly Part 5)

Music: Vanguard Sound (GhostFinal, Haloweak, Mira.Z), KIRA, Go Shiina, Yuki Kajiura, Hiroyuki Sawano, LiSA, Aimer, Giga, Ado, Syudou, Mafumafu, halyosy, Hiiragi Kirai

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, gaming, using UTAU

Ships: Ryojin (Ryo x Jinlancer)


Desktop PC: HP Pavilion AiO (27")

Laptop PC: Acer Aspire ES 15 (15.6")

Gaming Consoles: Nintendo Switch Lite

Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S10

Drawing Tablet: Wacom Intuos PT S (old model)

Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE

DAW: FL Studio 12


Useless Trivia

  • I draw and write with my left hand.
  • I will not forget that one time I recorded an 8-pitch VCV voicebank in one sitting. My throat wanted to die.
  • My gacha luck is a shitstain. One time it's great, and one time it's not.
  • I started drawing somewhere in 2006, but I never took it seriously until 2012, when I started to improve my art skills steadily.
  • Not a lot of people know that I love reading about history.
  • I participated in UTAUVision 2017 and UHP-CB 2018! The former, it was a bad experience... The latter, it was a little better but eeeeeeeeeeeeeh
  • For most of my life I did not know how to use chopsticks until I was 17! A bit embarassing, but I'm pretty proud of it.
  • A lot of people mistake me as a dude because of how deep my voice sounds in real life
  • I am quite unorganized, so I try to clean my thingss often HAHAH
  • I'm an UTAU user!
  • I miss the toys from the 2000s, they were my childhood ; v ;

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